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Model of Crane

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Model of Crane
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Photo Comments

A 1:10 scale model of the type of crane used in Greco–Roman building projects. It is on display at the Parthenon exhibit in Nashville, TN (USA).

The original crane was 90 feet high with a base 25 ft. side and 35 ft. long.  It was placed on rails and rollers that made it moveable.  It was mainly made up of cypress, oak, ash, and beech.  The only metal parts were the side pieces of the pulleys.  It would have taken 12-14 men to operate the crane to move a block into place.  Ten men were needed just to crank the take-up reel.  To prevent the crane from tipping over while a block was being lifted, two rejected column drums were stacked on the rear of the base. (Adapted from the display description)