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Mysterious Monasteries at Metéora in Greece

Meteora, is located approximately 220 mi. northwest of Athens.  The name means, "suspended in the air."  In the area there are over 60 tall isolated geological formations—some of which have Greek Orthodox monasteries built on them.   Hermits first settled the area in the 5th century A.D. and it was in the 14th century that St. Athanasius established the first monastery on one of these tall sandstone outcrops.  Eventually there were 24 monasteries although today there are only 5 of them plus one convent.


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Xanthos is an ancient Lycian city located on a ridge 7.5 mi. inland from the Mediterranean Sea. It was the chief city of Lycia and prospered under Roman Rule  as the leading city of Lycia in the Roman Province of Asia.

Xanthos is a well–preserved site, with Lycian, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine remains—this in spite of the fact in the mid 19th century Charles Fellows removed many of the most prominent artifacts to England.  They are now housed in the British Museum.

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