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Holy Week and Easter

The following “sites” are related to the Last Week of Jesus’ earthly ministry and his crucifixion and resurrection.

Don’t miss what WAS the best-preservedRolling Stone Tomb” in Israel — until it was destroyed.

Gordon’s Calvary and Garden Tomb — alternative (Protestant) site of crucifixion and burial/resurrection of Jesus.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher — probable site of crucifixion and burial/resurrection of Jesus.

Gethsemane/Church of All Nations — site of Jesus praying and his arrest.  There is a lesser known alternative site of Gethsemane located on the grounds of Mary Magdalene Church.

Mount of Olives — site of Palm Sunday entrance into Jerusalem and Jesus’ “Olivet Discourse.”

Via Dolorosa — sacred pilgrim route in Jerusalem.

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Garden Tomb

This tomb was discovered in 1867, at which time it was proposed that this was the burial place of Jesus, mainly because of its nearness to "Gordon's Calvary".  Since that time, some Protestant piety has encouraged this identification, although the wardens of the property (The Garden Tomb Association) stress that it is the resurrection of Jesus, not the issue of finding the exact spot of his burial, that is important.

Inside of the tomb are the partial remains of a burial bench.


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