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The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The Sultan Ahmet Camii, also known as the “Blue Mosque,” is located southwest of the Hagia Sophia.  It was built on the grounds of the old Byzantine Palace to the east of the Hippodrome by Sultan Ahmet I.  It was completed in 1616 and is one of the main mosques (Turkish = “Camii”) of Istanbul.


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Arbel Cliffs

The majestic Arbel Cliffs are situated on the southern side of the Plain of Ginnosar on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee.  They rise to an elevation of 594 ft. [181 m.] above sea level and 1283 ft. [390 m.] above the level of the lake.

From there, the whole northern shore of the lake is visible—as are many other places!

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