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Very Long Roman Bridge in Turkey

I have added 8 images of a very long and well–preserved Roman Bridge that is found in southern Turkey.  The preservation and construction details are amazing.

View of the surface of the Roman Road atop the Limyra Bridge.

View looking east along the original surface of the Roman Road that crosses the bridge.  The bridge is 1,181 ft. (360 m.) long!  The roadbed is roughly 13 ft. (4 m.) wide and as is evident in the photo there is no evidence of wheel ruts from cars marking the pavement.  It thus appears that the bridge was mainly used for foot traffic.  Indeed, travel by cart or chariot in Lycia is difficult—due to its mountainous terrain.

Unfortunately the green houses and orchards are encroaching on the bridge.  Hopefully the local population will leave the bridge intact.


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Pergamum Acropolis

Ancient Pergamum (modern Bergama) is located in western Turkey 16.5 mi. [26.5 km.] inland (as the crow flies) from the Aegean Sea.

It is the third city mentioned in the book of Revelation (1:1; 2:12–17) and the reference to the "throne of Satan" (2:13) has variously been interpreted as emperor worship (note the Temple of Trajan), the altar of Zeus, or the worship of a plethora of deities at Pergamum (temples to ZeusAthenaDionysus, AsclepiusSerapis, Demeter, etc. have been found).

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