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A Visit to the Hot Springs at Thermopylae

Themopylae, 85 mi. northwest of Athens, is the place where in 480 B.C., 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians (temporarily) held off about 300,000 invading Persians led by Xerxes.  The stalled Persians eventually sent a force of men around Leonidas’ forces, through the mountains to the west of the pass thus encircling the Spartans from in front and behind in the pass.

The Spartans fought valiantly, but eventually all, save two, were killed in battle.  The Persians continued their advance on Athens and burned the city.  But in pursuit of the Athenians, by land and by sea, they were defeated that year off the island of Salamis.  Their final defeat came the next year at the battle of Plataea and the (short) era of peace that followed ushered in the classical period of Greek history.

"Thermopylae" means “hot gateway” and hot springs still exist in the area—Click Here to view the springs on my blog.



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Eflatunpinar is located about 50 mi. [80 km.] due west of Konya (classical/biblical Iconium).

At Eflatunpinar (Eflaltun Pinar) there is a spring and a very well–preserved Hittite monument that seems to date to the second half of the thirteenth century B.C.—to the reign of the Hittite king Tudhaliya IV (ca. 1259-1229 B.C.; about the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan).

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