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I have just upgraded the images of THE BEST ROLLING STONE TOMB in Israel at  Horvat Midras (Hebrew) or Khirbet Durusiya (Arabic) that is located 19 mi. [30 km.] southwest of Jerusalem in the Shephelah. The ancient remains are spread over hundreds of dunams in the area. The site dates to the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Large Maps of Ancient Israel For Sale $10

These two maps (= 1 set) are each composed of two large sheets that when joined together measure 65 x 49 inches.  They are east oriented and stretch from Mount Hermon in the north of Israel to the Red Sea (Eilat/Aqaba) in the south.  The dots and names of known Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) sites have been accurately placed on Student Map A.  On Student Map B, names and dots for Second Temple, New Testament, and Byzantine sites have been placed.  In addition, Roman and conjectured roads have been placed on Student Map B by the master researcher of this topic—James Monson.

Details: Rasmussen, Carl, and Monson, James.  Student Map 'A' (Patriarchs through Ezra-Nehemiah) and Student Map 'B' (Ezra-Nehemiah through Justinian) — 1:275,000.  Two maps of Israel from Dan to Elath.  Four sheets, each sheet 32.5 x 24.5 inches.  Jerusalem: Pictorial Archive, 1975.  New.  Three sets for $10.00.  About 20 sets are available.

Price includes shipping within the continental USATo purchase, contact Dr. Rasmussen via email.


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Dome of the Rock & Central

The Dome of the Rock was completed about A.D. 691 by the Moslem Umayyad Dynasty which was headquartered in Damascus. It was intended to portray the glories of Islam and to divert pilgrim traffic to Jerusalem - from Mecca and Medina.

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