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Göbekli Tepe — a Neolithic Site from 9,600 BC!

This past spring I visited an outstanding Neolithic site 9 mi. north of Sanliurfa.  The finds at this site include 18 ft. tall limestone standing stones with carved images of animals on them—from 9,600 BC.  I have posted some images of this site on my blog.


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Galilee (Jesus) Boat

In 1986 an ancient boat was discovered along the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. The boat is a unique find measuring 25.5 ft. [8.2 m.] long with a breadth of 7.5 ft. [2.3 m.]. A boat of this size had a crew of five, and could carry about 15 additional persons. It is dated to the first century A.D.

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