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Tomb of Cicero Lower Part

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Tomb of Cicero Lower Part
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Photo Comments

A picture of the base of the "Tomb of Cicero"—looking west-northwest  The modern staircase ascends the two step crepidoma.  The modern doorway leads into the lower portion of the tomb.  It is built of hewn pieces of limestone.  In this picture a portion of the truncated, hollow,  cone that surmounts the base is visible.

This funeral building is located 1.5 mi. northwest of the Italian city of Formia on the via Appia—about 40 mi. northwest of Puzzuoli/Naples.  It is dated to the second half of the first century B.C.  It is said to be the funeral monument erected in memory of the orator Cicero (106-43 B.C.).  Since it is on the via Appia, Paul would have passed by it on his way from Puteoli to Rome (Acts 28:11–16).