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Temple of Hera Colonnade

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Temple of Hera Colonnade
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View looking east at the northern colonnade of the Temple of Hera.  The outer, peripteral, columns are on the left.  On the right is the raised platform of the most sacred area (cella) of the temple and the columns that supported the roof.  All of the columns are of the Doric order.

The sign at the site of Paestum says that it was a temple to Apollo!

According to Wikipedia: The second Temple of Hera was built around 460–450 BC, just north of the first Hera Temple. It was once mistakenly thought to be dedicated to Poseidon. The columns do not have the typical 20 flutes on each column, but have 24 flutes. The Temple of Hera II also has a wider column size and smaller intervals between columns. The temple was also used to worship Zeus and another deity, whose identity is unknown.