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Ekklesiasterion Bouleuterion 2

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Ekklesiasterion Bouleuterion 2
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View of a circular structure that is usually called an ekklesiasterion.  If it is an ekklesiasterion, this would be the place where the ekklesia, the citizens of the city, would gather for meetings.  However, since this structure could only seat 500 to 600 people, it is more probably a bouleuterion, the place where the smaller ruling body of the city—the boule—would meet.

In most cities the ekklesia, being a large group of citizens, would meet in the theater.

This structure was built around 480 B.C. in the eastern area of the agora.  When the city was settled as a Roman Colony the ekklesia no longer had a political role and a temple was built here.