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Gordon's Calvary General

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Photo Comments

View from the Old City wall of Jerusalem looking north at Gordon's Calvary.  The two eye sockets and bridge of the nose are visible to the right (east) of the center of the image.  The buildings in the foreground are part of one of the bus depots in East Jerusalem.  On the top of the hill is a Muslim Cemetery.

The trees on the far left (west) are on the property of the Garden Tomb Association.

In order to better discern the "skull" click here and then return to this page.

In 1842, Otto Thenius proposed that this was Calvary (Golgotha) - the place of the skull - the site of the crucifixion of Jesus. This proposal was given prominence by the British general Charles Gordon in 1883 in combination with the nearby tomb that had been discovered in 1867. The garden, in which the tomb is situated, is located off the left (west) side of the photo - approximately 100 or so yards from the "skull" itself. 

For a more detailed view of the skull click here.