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2015 appreciation of four fine jewelry jewelry charm

, Tiffany, Chopin and Dior are the jewelry industry‘s top brands, itsHaute Couture series is amazing. Using the wonderful mosaics, perfectinterpretation of a unique and luxurious bright style, brought unparalleledcharm to wearing.

Sapphire diamond necklace, Cartier high antique jewelry series custom price unknown

Peerless Jumbo by a Platinum, diamond and Sapphire well-built, 7 totalweight of 95.57Carat PEARcut Sapphire Pendant carved flower pattern underthe dazzling diamonds, brilliant cut and rectangular cut diamonds adorn mostof the flower spray.

cartier necklace

For maximum display jewelry solid modeling with great sense of rhythm,Cartier perfectly hidden traces of mosaic, Sapphire beads, 6 fresh vinesaround the neck, make the high wooden antique jewelry has a unique ornate,asymmetric waves design set sparkling diamonds, shining contains viablelight.
Chopard special animal series fine jewelry custom price unknown
A set with 2 Carat Pink Diamond frog, guard 21Carat cabochon aquamarinetadpoles as the theme, together with a Brown diamond, palayiba pinktourmaline, Sapphire, green rosecut tourmaline studded, vividly colorfulcreatures of nature scenes appear.
This dream series inspired by the Creative Director Caroline‘s childhood.Designers through the study of specialized encyclopedias, even consulting aChinese traditional festival calendar, designed with originality, beauty,cute animal jewelry and with a sense of humor. Water lily necklace in theuse of the lacquer coating technology of aquatic plants swaying in the waterflowing Smart lighting performance thoroughly.
Je m’attache OU Je Meurs Amethyst diamond and Ruby necklace custom priceunknown
Took over 900 hours, using 3166 total 48.19Carat Diamond, 27 total weighed18.73carat Amethyst round beads and 226 total 13.90 Carat Ruby tessellationof a beautiful necklace.
3077 diamond particles embedded in the way of a two-touching on Ivy,designer Ivy as a design pattern, which must be born with wall, never to beparted to give this necklace loyalty, moral of eternal love. Hinged designleaves necklace sparkled in the wear very smart sense. Each gem hasimplications: rubies represents love and passion, Amethyst on behalf ofautumn berries, diamonds represent snow crystals. Necklace unique mosaictechnology, more than more than 3,000 of a pair of particles by diamondinlays, completely hiding the necklace on the metal.
Tiffany&Co Majestic diamond necklace custom price unknown
Gross vehicle weight of more than 300 of the 84carat diamond with round andpear-shaped diamonds into diamond lace around a removable 30.31 carats, ecolor, clarity, as IF grade diamond pendant, diamond shining bright in theKingdom‘s stunning perfection.
necklace 1
Handcut round and pear-shaped diamonds combined with Platinum mosaic, givenfor more details of this amazing flexibility, making it a perfect fit withthe female neck curve. Diamond cut, polished and set into European Court ofvintage lace, hold lined with stunning bright diamond pendant, with retrodesign inspiration, always perfectly Tiffany&Co. Tiffany blessed the WorldDiamond Authority. Return the replica cartierĀ jewelry education Home.