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Cartier jewelry designs rock hits

Cartier recently introduced shock jewellery designs, design inspirationcomes from Chinese ancient beast the Dragon, a stunning pieces of work will be vivid spiritual vividly demonstrated the Chinese Dragon.

Cartier jewelry design work is Ka mailalong, Ka Myra is Greece mythology,woman with magical firebreathing power beasts, Cartier, ancient mythology,the role of a perfect interpretation of contemporary jewelry art. Embeddedin the beautiful necklace 82.06 carats of giant green Beryl crystal clear,vividly to life, full of vitality, tumbling down the quiet of rare sapphiresand pearls appear more of a mystery, classic and unique qualities of theworks. Earrings two green Beryl is weighing up to 106.23 carats.

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Cartier jewelry replica design work is the Dragon, childhood fantasy was subdued inthe story of gods and demons is reproduced by Cartier lively craft, timecharacteristics combined with the charm of traditional craft is seniorĀ Cartier jewelry collection has always been the pursuit of the highest level.1 13.81 CT pillowgreen sapphire cutting blooms warm blooms at the flowerring, bearing in mind that the bright 23.84 carat cushion-shaped embeddedwith cutting the Sapphire Dragon brooch echoed together, exploring theunmatched grandeur and dignity.

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Cartier jewelry design work is charizard, under far-reaching conception ofimagination, precious and rare materials, absolutely exquisite craftsmanshipand pure noble ancestry as well as the unique timeless design constitutesthe indispensable element in the Cartier fine jewelry. Precious Platinum,diamond, Ruby and Garnet realistic outline of the Dragon image. A Rubynecklace pendant down 26.64 carats. Ring weighs a rare orangered garnet25.14 carats.

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