Replica Hermes jewelry Every tourmalines are Rare and beautiful

Replica Hermes jewelry Every tourmalines are Rare and beautiful
Hans Stern old man life collection of tourmalines, they are his most fun toys, is his lifelong love, included tourmalines are rare and beautiful, like life-like existence, stringing his legendary treasure life.

Hans Stern’s tourmaline collection occupies the Museum’s most prominent location

Rare powder orange color
Represent the gem Tourmaline in Sinhala means, imagine seeing jewel in Sri Lanka called tourmaline. Earliest records of tourmaline in the 18th century, before that people also dig tourmaline naturally, only that they were mistaken for other stones. 1777 Sweden King Gustav III visited Russia, passing to Catherine’s niece to marry him. A gesture of goodwill he gave Russia a giant Ruby Queen, known as Caesar’s Ruby. Later it was discovered that in fact, this so-called rubies are tourmaline, but Gustav didn’t talk Russia into marriage. Let alone the King, even an experienced gem dealer may also admit their mistakes. Mr Hans Stern’s then when you buy the pinkish Orange tourmaline, jewels are marked Imperial Topaz. Although Mr Stern at a glance this is only tourmaline, didn’t come out to brokers, also is bought at high prices, in order to get a different colors of tourmaline. Is the so-called good is priceless!

Yellow shades of green tourmaline
Branch of the tourmaline family is jewel in the most, from the Rainbow is a piece of cake. A wide variety of chemical structures, in addition to the Crystal structure is the same, but remaining in common only containing silica and boron ions, so everyone in the gem trade to use color to distinguish them. Gem quality tourmaline has five categories, the largest of which classification is a lithium-tourmaline. Li-tourmalines were first in Italy found on Elba, Napoleon is exiled to the island for the first time, so it’s English name is Elbaite. Lithium most common color is green tourmaline, often being mistaken for emeralds. If you see a stone be marked as Brazil emeralds, that in all likelihood is actually green lithium-tourmaline. Now when it comes to the Museum which originated in Brazil Santa Rosa mineral lithium green tourmaline. If you think the green tourmaline is not rare, and green with yellow tourmalines was unusual in recent 45 years in Santa Rosa mine never find the same colors of tourmaline.
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Earl kangda mine green tourmaline
This green tourmaline seem unprepossessing, but in fact it comes from the famous Earl tat in the first tourmaline. The Earl tat is not India that the legendary diamond mine, is located in Brazil’s Minas Gerais State. Said Minas Gerais mines that is famous, its popularity with South Africa Kimberley par and mogok in Burma. A jewel more than anything and origin, written from eerkangda, the value immediately to improve a lot. People often eerkangda mine in Minas Gerais, called “tourmaline ore eerkangda” can be seen here of tourmaline are fine products, their charming characteristic is that of blue-green color. Eerkangda mine already closed, looking for tourmaline from there is a luck spell work.

The most rare color Paraíba
Most collectors in all varieties of tourmaline heart is undoubtedly the Paraíba Ba Bixi. In expensive jewelry often can see its shadow, its value as much as the Ruby and Sapphire. Paraíba Ba Bixi is unique because its chemical composition containing copper ions, so it has a candy-like bright colors. Paraiba tourmalines are produced in blue, green, purple and pink, neon blue most valuable. H.Stern Museum of gems of the teardrop-shaped half Paraíba Ba Bixi is the classic neon blue, and the other half is bright color purple. Distinct boundaries between the two, in the words of the Museum’s own description is “Caribbean salt Elizabeth Taylor eyes.” Double color Paraíba Ba Bixi is not super rare, but so bright saturated colors on both sides is absolutely unique. Highly sought after outside of color pleasing, Paraíba, Ba Bixi, another reason is that mines of Paraiba region now has almost been hollowed out, finite natural resources would increase.

Replica Hermes jewelry
Favorite watermelon tourmaline
Eduard Josef g ü Belin, the famous jewels once said: “If a collector as a collection of various colors of tourmaline goals, he will find that life will also have enough time come up with the millions of colors of tourmaline mineral. “You must be wondering how old Hans Stern began this Mission Impossible. This brightly colored watermelon tourmaline is no return he pulled the “culprit”, is one of his most cherished tourmaline. Lithium tourmaline watermelon tourmaline belongs to one of the members of the tourmaline family is the most special. It has a ring of green outside, while the inside is pink, looks just like watermelon. Can really reach the level of watermelon tourmaline are few and far between, and absolutely contain inclusions. God is fair, is giving its most wondrous shapes and leave so little regret.

Tri-color beauty rare
Mineral color thousands of Poles color gems most lamented nature’s magic. Bipolar dual-color as the name suggests is a gem with two different colors, that is ore in the forming process of ore-forming fluids changed, making mineral has long mixed in the other ion. Growing conditions so unstable, it’s no wonder most of the full bi-color tourmaline inclusions. Bi-color tourmaline most common color combination is red and green and red from pink to purple, green, reaching to greenish-blue. In order to display the bi-color tourmaline unique in color, they are often cut into a rectangle, just a color. Rarer than the bi-color tourmaline, that nature is tri-color tourmaline. Principle of tri-color tourmaline with color, just a mix of gradient. This tri-color tourmaline gems Museum in the transition from purple to pink, then become dark green, strange color shift, but is rarely seen.

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