Replica Hermes jewelry “Question mark” necklace Mead First century

Replica Hermes jewelry “Question mark” necklace Mead First century

From 1889 to the present, this seal “question mark” necklaces Boucheron has become one of the most discriminating design symbols, incredible, extraordinary design has amazed the world, and for more than a century insisted on more worthy of admiration. The classic “question mark” infiltrating in almost all important advanced Boucheron jewellery series, both the Serpent and bird feathers series the Ivy series … … Not closed “question mark” style is the Muse of Boucheron’s long history, but everybody loves Joker design.

Boucheron Bao poems long
L’Artisan du Reve artisans dream Bouquet D’ Ailes
Thin wing bouquet series necklace

Graeme Thompson
State Han Asia-Pacific jewellery
Head of
Such a closed collar appeared for several decades, but the most amazing is that Boucheron depicts a different version. Using a very beautiful color, have amazing effects on overall design.
Most gold-bearing technology to decrypt
“Question mark” necklace has no traditional buckle, unique invisible spring junction is founder Frederic Boucheron’s invention, it was able to make the necklace around the neck, asymmetrical visual ideas without the discomfort of wearing.
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Replica Hermes jewelry

Most beautiful era masterpiece
Historical records at the 1889 Paris Expo, Frederic Boucheron Federico. Baoshilong join the first “question mark” necklace debut, but in fact, Boucheron is not difficult to find in the earlier design, the unclosed necklace shape already appear in its antique feather necklace, bird-Feather Serpent series, this series. That a new era of art and decorative arts to replace, that is the age of inspiration a wonderful blend of East and West, that is the era of nobility lavish luxury gems precious giant drill, rich humanistic background condensation is the most classic jewelry masterpiece, not red it will be odd.
Legendary mistress
Castiglione the Countess

Castiglione the Countess is known for Italy spies, and Napoleon III’s mistress. Her innate charm and mystical beauty that she was considered the most beautiful woman in 19th century social circle, and “the White Peacock” nickname. In later life she lived in the middle of Fang Plaza, 26th floor, long one of its most important customers, and become treasure poems, and because of this beautiful nickname, Castiglione the Countess has worn a variety of question mark Bao poems long feather necklace.

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