Replica Hermes bracelets Amazing jewelry ZIP zipper

Replica Hermes bracelets Amazing jewelry ZIP zipper
Fashion always talked about some story about VIP customers how to inspire designers to create inspiration, as Jane · Bai Jin (Jane Birkin) on the plane to Hermes Chief Executive Tong complained that gave birth to the Platinum package. Van Cleef Albemarle successors and love jewels of the Duchess of Windsor’s inspiration touches also make great ZIP jewelry turned out, it was worn by women like to wear fashion jewelry, amazing shape won a fashion women.

2011 Van Cleef and Arpels
Van Cleef Albemarle Zip range of necklaces, bracelets,
Platinum Diamond, white cultured pearl,
White mother of Pearl and lapis lazuli

Replica Hermes bracelets

Most gold-bearing technology to decrypt
Zip works will be made up of two wires, the edge can be fastened on the wall hooks, exquisite necklace soft and flexible articulation techniques, it also makes jewelry zipper key to the smooth operation of, opening and closing, Zip elegance diamond-stream spike zipper slide up and down like magic traction, full of magnificent beauty.

Ting Wang
Beijing poly auction jewelry watches
General Manager, SP
If you want to Zip collections, auction house is the best place, craft rare born age classic as well as the famous jewellers, auction each time appeared fierce, price is considerable.
It all began with a high order
In 1938, the art director Rene Van Cleef Albemarle é Puissant decided to design a distinctive necklace, she was the daughter of Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef. She was inspired by a friend of Wallis Simpson a suggestion: from the United States the women don’t want to get bogged down in the traditional European style of jewelry, made to order a set of features and materials, precious metals jewelry zippers, to replace the boring ordinary zipper. Can you imagine that? Rene e to this unusual request spent 11 years time. Finally, the first Zip was published in 1951, it can take two very different ways to wear, zip down can be used as a necklace to wear, tassels closed and then can be transformed into bracelets.
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Legendary mistress
The Duchess of Windsor

1938 that inspired Zip necklace inspiration of United States origin, married United Kingdom of King Edward VIII, the Duchess of Windsor. Zipper was invented by Americans in the late 19th century in order to fasten boots and, the humble zippers seem to be associated with elegance without the slightest, and the Duchess of Windsor was born with the spirit of adventure, love difference, so she order Zip zipper jewelry from Van Cleef Albemarle is not surprising at all.

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