Replica Hermes jewelry One from ancient Greece snake

Replica Hermes jewelry One from ancient Greece snake
Many profound people’s worship of the ancient inspiration to win ahead of its time, this is the magic of the ancient culture and charm. Snake is the symbol of intelligence, life and eternity, distant Greece age is destined to become the permanent topic of jewelry design, after the end of World War II, full of vitality, animal shape becomes the love of jewelry design and Bulgari jewelry Italy design blood has a strong Greece branded, so winding, snakelike Serpenti from 40 ‘s of last century it became the banner of Bulgari design totems.
Replica Hermes jewelry

2012 Bulgari Bulgari
Serpenti Emerald, turquoise and diamond necklaces
2012 Bulgari Bulgari
Serpenti 18K yellow gold diamond bracelet

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Whether it is the fashion world or explore the history of jewelry design tends to follow a cycle of the big, complex, innovative, running, perfect, then cycle will once again, time, culture, aesthetic considerations of the most objective and the most ruthless, the torrent again and wash out the perfect design, will become the brightest gold, the ACE classics.

Most gold-bearing technology to decrypt
Serpenti both bracelets and is what process is traced, the key organ in the scales of the snake, through the hinge connecting scales with designs from big to small, volume after careful calculation, to render the snake winding gesture, adds greatly to the bracelet moves freely and everything behind the propagation of better technology can begin to disappear from your sight.

Yang Junxian
Days to auction jewelry, Managing Director
Many collectors interested in chasing Serpenti, Italy design and sophisticated technology is its trump card, whether it is half a century ago, classic or contemporary design are many followers, bracelet watches are more popular.
Sacred meaning of the Millennium
Snakes as far back as ancient Egypt and ancient Greece civilization had sacred meaning of the symbol of life, snake jewelry, popular in the United Kingdom most peak of Queen Victoria, who ruled the United Kingdom’s most stubborn queen snake totem to be considered for a long time the Supreme talisman. But until the 30 years ago, all snake jewelry shapes are relatively flat, usually tail rings bracelet-shaped design, although static beauty, but not complete demonstration of smart charm of snake. Up until the middle of the discipline on the world, a new technical design into Bulgari Tubogas Goldsmith designer’s eye, its special is that no welding, as long as the long strips of metal hand-wrapping layer upon layer, forming with flexible spiral design of the malleability, can completely rounded arm or wrist. This flexible telescopic form people immediately think of wrapped a snake shape, so Bulgari Serpenti series came out of the House.
Legendary mistress Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor in the Egypt set the filming of Cleopatra wearing
Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet Watch
Bulgari Yu 1 9 4 0 years launched has Serpenti series of serpentine wrist table, but real let Serpent I design red again global of also is Elizabeth Taylor,1962 years, Taylor in for movie Egypt yan Hou shooting of publicity as in the wearing has styling classic of gold mosaic diamond of serpentine bracelet wrist table, its can telescopic of bracelet was design for around of serpentine, Quintana gold, head mosaic various shaped cutting diamond, dial hidden key design. Since then, the snake of Bulgari design together with the sparkle of her well known to the world.

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