Caglia jewelry how is joining

Cartier has become one of the world‘s most prestigious ring, and Cartier‘sinspirations and branding. Respectively, rose gold, Platinum and gold fromthe tricyclic intertwine with each other, impact and trends of the times,personal style and status symbol. Threering closely marked Cartier, perfectinterpretation of the essence of the brand, like simple and gentle while friendship, symbolizes the generations of the future, showing on the ring finger of the AU, an engraved with strange and mysterious fantasy with a newseries of lasting forever, created extreme sensuality. Raised on the back,but positive exceptionally smooth, let ring connected with each other,passing each other on the twinkling in the metal surface.

Cartier jewelry business advantages:


Strength advantage over more than 10 jewelry OEM factory annual output valueof over 3 billion yuan.


Price: market offers 40%60%, in OEM factory direct showrooms to see goods,delivery! Save store expensive rent, omitting intermediary wholesale link.


Quality advantages: the sale of each piece of diamond jewelry are equippedwith inspection (State gemstone quality supervision and inspection center)inspection certificate of authority.


Design advantage: month month new! Published more than more than 10 jewelryOEM factory, several top jewelry designers at home and abroad works indifferent styles to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


VIP custom advantage: according to customer requirements, and by designerteam specializes in personalized jewelry style, enjoy the premium service!

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Caglia jewelry business processes:


1, investment advice: investors by telephone, fax, Internet mail, toprofessional consultation on matters related to cooperation at Headquarters,for further information.


2, field trips: headquarters of the investors to the project review, andbusiness communications with the headquarters staff.


3, eligibility: headquarters to audit investors. Qualification confirmedinvestors cooperation.


4 and sign the contract: the parties confirm findings uncontested,officially signed the contract.


5, pay investors according to the type of investments you select pay relatedfees to Headquarters.


6, headquarters training headquarters technical training of investors,issued after passing the training authorization bronze medal.


7, shop decoration: decoration Guide provided by the headquarters in orderto join, and design guidance.


8, opening: Headquarters continue to concern the operation of the franchiseand operating guidance and assistance should be given.

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